CSULB alumni reflect on their favorite Beach memories


Memories began the day Cal State Long Beach, then known as Los Angeles-Orange County State College, welcomed 160 eager students to the converted apartment building that served as the college in the fall of 1949.  

Memories are still being made 74 years later and as the campus celebrates 创始人的一天 9月. 28, we share memories of those who have added the legacy at The Beach. 

创始人的一天 commemorates The Beach’s rich past and promising future, a tradition that began in 2019 and honors all those who have contributed to the vast CSULB community. A host of events are scheduled to mark the day. 

Read as Beach alumni recall their memories from their time on campus.


"Jonathan Roberts ‘09 proposed to me on the CSULB campus on Feb. 9, 2012 - exactly 1,000 days after our first date at Disneyland. We met while working as editors for The Daily 49er and enjoyed spending time at The Nugget between classes before we started dating the last few weeks of our senior year. Jonathan took me back to The Nugget that Thursday evening in 2012 for what I thought was just a nostalgic date night when, as we strolled the quiet campus after dinner and drinks, Jonathan got down on one knee with a ring he had hidden in his pocket. We wed on May 18, 2013, and celebrated 10 years of marriage earlier this year."

——Tiffany Rider ' 09 


“I have many amazing memories from my time at CSULB, such as step shows and many on-campus service events hosted by the Lambda Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 公司. I met many lifelong friends and sorority sisters during this period in my life.”

——亚历山德拉·杰克逊 (前排左二) 


“强大的海滩! One of my best memories at The Beach! Playing with these gals and winning🥇 Zeta Pho Rho lil Sis’s.”



“我是肯尼斯·A. Palke, a 1975 graduate with a bachelor's degree in journalism attending the 1979 Banjo, fiddle and guitar festival with my girlfriend, Josie Cabiglio a fellow CSULB journalism alumna, 谁在给我拍照. 谢谢你,肯·帕尔克.”

——肯尼思·A. Palke 75

Aja Mack和朋友们

"Memories of hanging at the Quad."

——Aja Mack ' 06 (左) 

校友 sit infront of Coffee Bean

“Coffee Bean 2000 - 2004 was the meeting place for international students, especially those who played for IFC (International Football Club.)“# CSULBMemories

Hassan Alsaqour ' 04


"Undergraduate geology class of 1980 at geology field camp. We were young and ready to take on the world."

——约翰·R. Odermatt导演80年